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US troops out of Europe!


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of the Belgrade Coup

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avgust 20, 2008

















Part 3-3

Serbs should actually fund Americans a big glass of rakija. Without bombings Albanians would stay in Kosovo. They would demand autonomy, they would organize guerrilla. Bombings have brought the war. The war terminated a paranoid state of matters when Serbs used to protect Albanians by day, while serving in police and army, and kill them by night, while forming paramilitary bands. No more OSCE observers in Kosovo, no more democratic opposition. Instead there is a general popular demand for the final solution of the Albanian question. But that's cool! If Serbs were not killing Albanians the rampage of barbarism and humanitarian disaster would have to create itself. Otherwise how would we justify aggression and bombings, which are against the law? Besides, the war in Yugoslavia is a great opportunity to manifest NATO's power and unity. CNN and other TV channels have unfolded a campaign of advertising hi-tech killing toys thrown against Serbs. NATO is cool! It does not come to their heads that militarism is hardly a human value at the eve of the third millennium.

Self-confidence deceives Americans. The victory over Slobodan Miloshevich had to demonstrate superiority of the NATO military doctrine, to justify enlargement of its operational zone and use of weapons. NATO would replace decayed and teethless United Nations and OSCE and would decide independently who is going to be fucked next time. Systematic military actions would ultimately chain Europeans to the American charriot. Bombs falling on Belgrade had to humiliate Moscow. Is it a coincidence that on the very day when Americans attacked Russia's traditional ally, Yevgeni Primakov was expected in Washington to beg for change from Michel Camdessus?

Self-confidence deceives Americans. China and India have condemned the invasion. China and India comprise one-third of the world's population. The New Order's B-2's and Tomahawks have pushed Moscow closer to Peking and Delhi. Yevgeni Primakov had already articulated a necessity to build this triangle last year but who would expect it will come so soon? Now tensions grow and this time Russia is not the culprit. The war in Yugoslavia resembles a stone thrown into the water: circles are going farther and farther. It has less and less advocates, even within NATO. Greece is against it, Italy assumes a cautious position. Slogans "Yankee, go home!" and "USA - go away!" can be heard in all the European capitals, even in such a stronghold of pro-American feelings like Warsaw.

As soon as bombings started the Ukraine declared that it would join confederation of Russia and Byelorussia. The Ukraine also has promptly signed the long-delayed agreement on the Black Sea Navy and renounced its non-nuclear status. Four weeks later we saw Georgia, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Moldavia joining the confederation; Kazakhstan and Kirghizia are next in the line. One day we may open an atlas and discover that there is a new country in this world: the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Very likely ruled by the hawkish anti-NATOist president, Alexander Lukashenko. Cool!

Self-confidence deceives Americans. The Blitzkrieg in Yugoslavia was planned for few days and relatively small forces. It has been going a month now. Aggression unites people and strengthens their resistance. Stronger resistance means intensified attacks. The most powerful military malliance ever cannot dispose a small statelet with obsolete army, crumbling economy and undermined society... So more aircraft and more missiles are sent to the zone of conflict, more soldiers are herded to the neighbouring countries. NATO generals behave just like a certain little corporal some time ago: by hurling bombs and threats 24 hours a day they clearly demonstrate that their alliance has no concept for peace. That it has been designated for war since ever. Happy birthday!

Sorry, there will be no III World War this summer. In a couple of weeks American strategic goals will be achieved. The Law, New Order and Democratic Values will win. Serbs will not kill anymore for there will be nobody to kill. Miloshevich will step out for every dictator sooner or later comes to his end. Surplus bombs and missiles will find new targets. Surplus food will be distributed among refugees, surplus medals will be distributed among generals. Bleeding hearts will be healed with tax-deductible donations. Stanley Cup playoffs will shun homeless Albanian women and children from TV. If they have nothing else to show, they will recall Rwanda - those were cool cleansings! Tutsi and Hutu did it by the means of machete. Machete is cool.

A scull split in halves by machete is more photogenic than the tears of a child to farewell the native home and land.

The end.