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US troops out of Europe!


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avgust 20, 2008

















Part 2-3

Albanians from Kosovo, also known as Kosovars, have several ways to escape: to their native Albania, to neighbouring Macedonia, to Montenegro and from there to sunny Italy or wealthy Germany. From this selection the least attractive is Albania - a poor, disorganized country where people dislike Kosovars. Because in Tito's Yugoslavia they enjoyed more freedoms than in Hoxha's Albania. They were rich, proud, could travel, could maintain their old habits and religion, while Albanians became an object of the brutal communist indoctrination. In further perspective it means that the Albanian minority in Macedonia, Italy, Germany and Greece will grow. Circa about one million people - peanuts when compared to Palestinians. When refugee camps grow we will bomb them again. This time with a total, peaceful, humanitarian aid. Oh, boy, how do we love those Albanians; that exotic, proud nation of the Eagles! We are willing to give them all we have: chocolate, Michelina's pasta, Campbell's soup, second-hand clothes, cosmetic kits, soap, jam, straw hats, baseball
bats... They will drawn in this galore of goodwill gifts, they will vomit with canned pork from the Vietnam War surplus. Isn't it cool?

Some years from now Italian, German and Greek townfolks will discover to their astonishment that Albanian immigrants mostly form grey zone, even social margin. That they are stuck to their strange, ridiculous habits. "They mistreat their wives", feminazis will scream. "They conceive too many children", demographers will warn. Others will raise concerns that they become Italian, German or Greek citizens too easily. And they collect welfare too easily. Macedonians are already afraid that the intake of refugees can transform their Albanian minority into majority. Just like in neighbouring Serbian Kosovo. United Europe will turn its back to those annoying Albanian immigrants. Eventually they will come to the conclusion that Serbs were actually right when they expelled people, who are not willing to Germanize, Romanize or Hellenize but are stuck to Medieval social structures and Asiatic beliefs. And they steal cars. And fight with
Yugos. And shit in staircases. Yuck!

The oldie NATO has choosen a present for its 50th birthday itself - the war on independent, sovereign state. Right before the attack they said that the goal was to overthrow the anti-democratic regime of half-intelligent Miloshevich, and to force bad Serbs to cease ethnic cleansing of good Albanians. When the smoke dismissed we saw that Miloshevich is still doing well, thousands of Serbs are killed, and survivers enjoy an ease and moral right to slaughter Albanians - a "fifth column" in the invaded country.

Regardless of results of the Kosovo campaign, there hardly will be room for both Serbs and Albanians in one country. Montenegro's separatism will also grow, other separatisms will catch the wind too. There is something cannibalistic in the way Americans and their Blair kill their own kid. For Yugoslavia was not created by communists; not even by czarist Russia. The irony of history may have it that Yugoslavia was conceived by Croat pan-Slavists, who sought emancipation from the k.u.k. Habsburg Monarchy. She was born in 1918 from decisions of the Versailles Treaty, and the president of the United States, Thomas Woodrow Wilson, was her midwife. Victorious powers created then the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (later renamed Yugoslavia), shaped its territory and political system. Henry Kissinger examines it in his "Diplomacy". The concept of Yugoslavia fit aspirations of South Slavic intellectuals but creation of a modern state required crossing an invisible line, which divided it more or less in between Serbia and Croatia. A line between the West and the East, between the Catholicism and the Orthodoxy, between the Latin and the Slavonic alphabets. On top of that so different and so similar people were ruled by dictators: the King and his army before 1941, and Tito and his communist partisans after 1945. It exploded once in 1941 but nobody learnt the lesson. So the history repeated once again. Not as a farce but as a bloody drama of the 1991 civil war. The West started dismantling its own construction and released a gene from the bottle. Will we put it back in the bottle with bombs and missiles? If not, how will we explain it to Quebecers, Basques, Kurds or Northern Irish that they have no rights to
secede? And how many people will yet die courtesy to Lloyd George and Woodrow Wilson, George Bush and Dietrich Genscher?

In cultural Europe ethnic cleansings are considered a shameful way to solve problems of national minorities. In East Europe it is a standard. Serbs were once driven from Kosovo. In 1389, after the Serbo-Bulgaro-Albanian coalition suffered a defeat in the battle with Turks, who poured into Europe. The West had then its share in the deal: Hungarian king Sigismund the Luxembourg invaded Serbia from the north and plundered what Turks spared. The same Sigismund was defeated by Turks seven years later in the battle of Nicopolis. Desolated Kosovo was seized by Albanians - valiant highlanders. Not so long time ago Serbs, Croats and Moslems were ethnically cleansing their backyards in Bosnia. Somewhat earlier Romanians drove Hungarians from Transilvania and Bulgarians
expelled their Moslems to Turkey. A NATO country, with a long tradition of slaughtering Slavs, Greeks, Arabs, Armenians, and most recently - Kurds. Some 50 years ago Poles were killing and chasing Germans from the lands granted to them by Yalta agreements and authority of the invincible Red Army. Later they made short with Ukrainians, Byelorussians and Lithuanians. And Jews. Survivers were driven from Polish ethnically clean eastern frontiers to ethnically clean western ones.

Part 3-3