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US troops out of Europe!
New E-mails for Leon Chame
New2 E-mails
New E-mails 3
E-mails to Leon Nov99
Denials of NATO
My Opposition to the NATO Bombings


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Nunya Dadburn Bidness

More Serb propaganda. Don't believe a word of it. If you have trouble understanding, don't take anything Chameleon has to say about it for truth.
He's just a Serb disinformation minister.

From: Chris B.,, June 1999

I wanted to show my appreciation of your site and your efforts. In addition, I have found it difficult to stand by idly and see our world destroyed, and I wanted to find out how to help by offering my expertise.

As your website is intended to "get the word out" about these injustises and mis-characterizations, I want to offer my expertise and technology to help "get the word out", for our common causes.

It has been frustrating for me to see the political propaganda and the liberal media's destruction of the Serbs. Especially when I have such a tool in my back pocket that when properly used could sway political opinion in a very stealthy way. Maybe I can help.

I designed and my firm manufactures systems that when properly applied can contact thousands if not millions of VOTERS, at their home or office, by telephone. It is currently the least expensive contact method on the political market today.

Since it all boils down to politics and public opinion, maybe my systems can be beneficial to you or your supporters.

Nevertheless, keep up the good work and if I can help let me know.