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avgust 20, 2008

















Enclosed is a text of my post to the soc.culture.yugoslavia newsgroup. You are free to use this material if necessary. Please write me to if you do, or if you have any questions. Thank you for the efforts you dedicated to your site!


The 'soc.culture.yugoslavia' newsgroup is a profound information source for understanding of what REALLY happens to the minds of ordinary people who are aware of the Balkan events. I'm not going to argue here with anybody personally. I wish my message to help EVERYBODY here, irrespective of their political standpoints, to place themselves in the boots of, say, a historian of the middle of XXI siecle. I foresee numerous comments appearing after each paragraph of my post. Please, do not bother yourselves (and others - do not include the whole message in reply)! I also foresee that these comments, whether they support what I say or not, shall be based MOSTLY upon the sources which are dirtied by that or another IDEOLOGY. For this reason I'll make a preface.

Only some people stay apart from politics DE-FACTO. They are monks and other _convinced_ clergy from all denominations who pray before God for all of us. Unfortunately I am not among them, so I'll not mention these _saint_ people further on. Thanks God they are still among us! I also shall not mention those who are socially separated from these problems. Mental disabilities, social underground - you know all these cases. Among others: The smallest part are professional politicians. They can NEVER be independent from "Ideology", alias "Big Lie". Democracy, liberalism, communism, socialism - are just labels they hang on the necks of each other. (In computer world politicians always have their proper names: "Microsoft", "Sybase", "Apple", "Intel", "3Com"). Another minority are journalists and historians. Most of them prostitute their knowledge and talents to politicians. (In computer world those abovementioned bear an honorary title of "Advanced Users") All the rest are - guess who? Right, they are "users" alias "dummies". They are all of us. We chew the vomit of politicians, journalists and their amateur supporters. Then we spit it into each other since actually we do not have a mind of OUR OWN. We are zombied by mass media. Most of us are managers, employees and housewives. Inventors of ball-pens, finders of mathematic formulae and distant galaxies are too rare. So far, if you did not and shall never INVENT anything in your life, then what IS the origin of all the ideas and data you post to the newsgroup? Much of the threads in this newsgroup are not more than an exchange of known "labels". Many messages are full with anger, people seem to be ready to split oceans of blood around the world. Statistical analysis shows that more than 95% of the authors of these letters support the NATO's aggression, while only a dozen of their opponents have shown an explicit anger (understandable if we consider their personal losses). All this is fully compatible to the interests of those who started the Third world war. After it ends those who survived may remember this bloody spring of 1999. Clinton, Blair and other war criminals shall be hanged by a Chinese, Arab, Slavonic or Indian executor in Nurenberg, Germany. The dress of Levinsky shall be publicly cremated in order to prevent somebody to revive Clinton from its sperm. The blood shed by NATO, the ashes of innocent non-combattant people shall strike into the hearts of those who saw Yugoslavia as a map on a monitor before dropping bombs and launching missiles.

This preface seems to be too long, but I cannot drop a word out of it. Let's pass to the main subject. The third World war which was a threat for you and your parents for the last 50 years has already begun. You do not realize that like your ancestors in 1934-39. While Hitler was occupying neighboring regions and, afterwards, countries, the West-European and American politicians were deeply involved in their OWN mean geopolitical games (including local wars) while Stalin managed to return USSR the regions which constituted Russia for 200 years before and were cut off Russia by its ex-allies from Entente bloq in 1918-1921. It is very easy to paint this epoque with a simple monochrome palette, like most of the historians do: Communism vs Nazism vs Democracy. It is very easy to teach an average-minded housewife and her husband to differ between these three simple labels. Two of them are always 'bad', the third is good because it is painted in the colors of the country of origin. In fact we can always trace the breech of human rights, ideological prosecution and other calamities in EVERY contesting country. Their brutality is equal between these countries at any given historical epoque. There's no difference between communists sent to the electric chair or to prison (for more prolonged humiliation and, finally, death) in USA from 1930ies to 1950ies and those who perished in USSR at the same time. When somebody starts to count, HOW MUCH exactly died in this or another particular case, and who KILLED MORE - this is the first sign of the fact that his soul does not belong to an Almighty anymore. Atheists shall simply say that this person is rotten. Because a killer becomes a killer from the first assasination. After he kills 2, 3 ... N victims nothing changes in his definition as a killer. So I shall not follow this 'mind template' in my attempt to open the eyes upon what happens now. If necessary, I shall always point parallel atrocities in the new history (since Renaissance) of any superpower like USA, USSR, Britain, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey or Habsburg Empire. The medieval ages were a historically short period that interrupted the natural way of being for humanity. Two or more contesting empires are the stronghold of this natural world order. The peace lasts as long as the opposing powers are in equilibrium. This was not the nuclear weapon in USSR or USA, but the understanding of the equilibrium between them which guaranteed the peace after 1945. And these were not the democratic values which ruined the Warsaw Block. I shall not go into details why it happened, but the world order has lost the counterbalance in 1991. Adolf Hitler was the last who pursued the 'romantic' idea of territorial acquisitions. The present world provides a wide spectrum of 'civilized' submitting of one country by another. But the primary goal is the same: to support economy of one group of countries with the resources of another nations. How much dollars in banknotes circulate all over the world? Tenss of billions. How much dollars reside on the accounts of national banks which are opened with U.S. banks and denominated in dollars? Thousands and thousands of billions. That means that since 1944 when dollar became an international currency, the USA has exchanged thousands billions of paper and 'cashless' dollars to the relevant volume of natural goods and services obtained from all over the world. This was and still is one of the sources of prosperity for the US economy. Let's remind that before 1971 the national banks could exchange the 'virtual dollars' to gold which is kept in U.S. vaults (New York, Fort Knox etc.) In 1971, exhausted with Vietnam war, USA unilaterally refused to support dollar by gold. Such countries as France have lost in the subsequent devaluation billions of dollars in gold. I shall not be surprised that sooner or later a bastard like Clinton shall say: well, guys, we are not responcible for the dollar cash outside US. It is used by Columbian drug trafficers, Indo-chinese and Russian mafia, so it is in the interests of the civilized world (who uses plastic cards) to support our decision. Economically, USA is close to such a decision. This is an economic prerequisite of the Third World war. If you browse through the figures published by IMF and IBRD since 1950-ies, you shall trace the periodic crises of the world economy. Crises are natural since this is a way to solve the disbalances caused by political and/or technological reasons. In a 7-10 years periods it always happened that USA entered a new trading war with Japan or Europe which always ended with another redistribution of flows of natural goods in favour of USA - the leader of democratic world. Only the after the so-called 'energy' crisis of 1973 the flows were channeled to another region, that is, Middle East. But the oil sheikhs had nothing to do with extra billions of $$ than to invest them back to the US and, partially, European economy! You shall not find an 'expected' crisis in the end of 80-ies. Why? An answert is simple. Collapsing USSR caused a wide stream of cheap natural resources flowing to the other world. Russians now listed in Fortune among the richest men in the world have earned billions by selling metals and other goods. It is important to mention that these were mostly the national strategic resources, not the current output, since the USSR economy itself was continuously collapsing during all 1990-ies. As soon as it came out that ex-soviet republics have lost their role in supporting USA and Europe with _anything_ valuable (except for putanas), the politicians of these countries could not come to another decision than to clean the remnants of USSR out from the political scene of the world. Because Russia still has a nuclear weapons and is still capable to support its geopolitical interests. In this newsgroup I found posts from slavonic countries. Their authors naively think that they speak about 'Yugoslavia' case. No, sirs! The target is Russia. You may consider yourselves to be patriots or anti-communists, but until you remain on the level of a traditional ideological templates, you shall always lose. Because a nation who betrays its brothers in beleif, language and common geo-historical background, shall always be _had_. Bulgaria or Romania is just another inhabited point on NATO's map. Their missiles may fall even on Sofia (a nice city!) but shall the verbal excuses or dollars compensate the _rape_ of your patriotic conscience? Your NATO partners speak about 'cleansings'. Ask them, where was (and is!) their humanism when another small nation like Albanians - the Kurds - experiences the same atrocities in Turkey, a NATO country? Who closed their eyes when Turkey occupied a half of the Greek-populated island in the Aegean? Where were all these humanists when the massacres occured in Chile, Erithrea, many african and Latin countries? They appeared only when it was necessary to counterbalance Soviets. The USSR was not involved neither in Kurdistan, nor in Panama. I am neither a Communist nor an Anti-Communist. I am Christian. It helps me to evaluate the things from the moral and ethical point of view. At the same time I am realist in the issues of history. The history is brutal. Yet it is predictable. You know that a lion may eat you. That is why if you suddenly decide, basing upon the universal human rights, to walk in savanna, it is predictable that as soon as you cross the border of his territory, you shall be eaten. Geopolitically, Russia is situated in the so-called Heartland (browse for the theory of H.McInder, USA, 1920-30ies). All the territory of the so-called Soviet block, including Yugoslavia comprises a single geopolitical area. Another American, N.S.Spykman (Geography of Peace, 1944) also called it a 'pivot zone'. All the explicit or implicit attempts to destroy the unity of this zone have always ended with wars. But this zone can never be defeated - like another zone, Northern America. History have shown it. Neither the weapons, nor even ideological brain-washing can change this order. Sooner or later this block shall revive from ashes. It may be sooner if NATO countries shall continue the war. Let us remind NATO supporters that they are the minor part of the world population. Here the people count _matters_. It matters because the Europe can "feed", to a certain extent, some minor nations like Czechs, Poles or Hungarians. But they cannot feed China and India. Many countries are indebted to IMF and all 'international' (de-facto, NATO-oriented) organizations. Others have some 'moral' bills to be paid by American politicians. It's a pity, but many innocent Europeans and Americans shall pay these bills by their lives, instead of their governments. When I was in the Arlington cemetery, I found the grave of those guys who died in February 1979. They were in a helicopter 'rescue' mission to Iran. And I _know_ why I came up to their monument... I am not a pacifist. I shall defend my Motherland by all means I'll have at my disposal. So millions of other shall do. This is how the war begins. I repeat: the third World war have already begun. At this point it may be stopped. All of us, the "users" and "dummies" in politics may do the only one thing to help the peace. Stop labeling each other as "Communists" and "Democrats", "Orthodox" and "Catholic". Sounds like "Negroes" and "White". This is not a pattern to follow. Remember the great Martin Luther King: I have a dream...

NATO has breeched the international order. (Dr. Jai Maharaj has published an excellent letter here about the legal grounds for accusing Clinton and other war criminals). Nuernberg tribunal is awaiting the Hitlers of today! Venceremos!

-- stass