The Untold Story
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US troops out of Europe!
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An untold story
In 1941 a fascist state came into existence in the Balkans. Under Ante Pavelic and with strong Vatican endorsement, the Croatian regime set to work exterminating Serbs, Jews, Gypsies and others. This extereme racist regime, called the Ustashe, exceeded the Nazi SS in their barbarity. The SS with whom they collabarated often took over certain districts because of the excesseive sadism the Ustashe employed, a testament to cruelty if ever there were one.

For years the Serbs endured horrors untold. The Balkans, being out of the mainstream Allies/Axis areas of engagement, suffered in a way not really understood by the western public. Because the Catholic leaders in Croatia at the time, were actually involved in the extermination, the story has never become as widely known as the Nazi holocaust.

Over 700,000 people were murdered, men and women were dimembered in front of their families in villages with no defense. Children were skewered alive onto the ground and on trees. Thousands were forcibly converted from Orthodoxy to Catholicism under the threat of certain death. Eyes were gouged out, genitals cut off, breast sliced off, people were buried alive. Orthodox priests were steaked to the ground and then fires lit on their chests. At the Jasenovac concentration camp, thousands of men women and children were decapitated often with primitive tools.

Few were tried for war crimes, Pavelic and others were even helped by the Catholic Authorities in Rome after the war. The west never arrested these people. The Ustashe continued as an extreme nationalist movement in Germany, Auatralia, America and elsewhere. Throughout the 60's 70's and 80's Ustashe terrorist acts took place in Europe. To add insult to injruy the Pope now plans to beatify Archbishop Stepinac, one of the main participants in the genocide.

In 1990 Franjo Tudjman was elected to the presidency in Croatia and began moves for independence. Many Serbs within Croatias borders were stunned when the west endorsed this move. Soon the old Ustashe symbols and rhetoric reemerged, terrified of a recurrence of the horrors from 1941, the Serbs in Krajina desperately tried to extricate themselves.

Over 14,000 Serb civillians died in 1995 when German aircraft and others obliterated Serb military defense systems, leaving the Croat forces to once again subject the Serbs to atrocities, the swastika appeared on looted Serbs buildings. History was repeating itself, our former ally from two world wars was left to suffer, expecting us to understand the Serbs now stand isolated and hated, the wests ruthless determination to economically dominate the Balkans knows no bounds.

The Ustashe movement still has a very strong presence in Croatia which bodes ill for the future of europe. Here is a picture of a recent gathering in Zagreb, for all the media hype about Serbs being Nazis the truth is the opposite as can be clearly seen in the familair raised arm salute. The Serbs were the victims of fascism in the most barbaric manner, how obscene of the media to ignore this and constantly label Serbs 'Nazis'.