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avgust 20, 2008

















The bad guys

Having said all of this, it should be apparent that whenever the major governments wish to do something immoral or illegal, then a justification must be sought. This is readily acomplished by resorting to the 'bad guys' method. This method of gaining public support for immoral activities is well known, having been used in Vietnam, Nicaragua, Iraq and many other countries. In the case of the western carve-up of the Balkans, the Serbs have the unfortunate distinction of being the wests 'bad guys' and have served as the whipping boy of the government and media since even before 1990.

In 1995 over 200,000 Serb civillians 'occupied' (ie had lived there for centuries) the region of Krajina which lay inside Croatias borders. The US had agreed with Croatias government to assist in 'liberating' Krajina of its unwelcome occupants. How exactly did the west provide this assistance ? they flew 4,000 air sorties against Serb defensive positions and destroyed them, killing many innocent people in the process. In order to carry out this obsecene act, they invented a story of a Serb mortar landing in a market in Sarajevo and killing 37. This was opportunism, that the explosion never came from the Serbs did not matter. Many experts stated that it was not a mortar, and had a completely unknown origin, however their voices were not heard in the press or media. What followed was the biggest ethnic cleansing campaign to take place in this 'war'. Approx 14,000 Serb civillians died, often horribly. Over 200,000 Serb refugees poured out of their homeland. Without a doubt the west approved of ethnic cleansing. All through this the public were misled into loathing the Serbs, in order to serve the wests greater cause.

How many of you remember the 'Serb concentration camps' stories that were emblazoned over the front pages and TV screens of the world? Such manufatured news has misled the public for nine years, how many know that there never were any such places ?

The magnitude of the media and press demonisation campaign is immense. It is so big and so effective, that one is rarely taken seriously when attempting to point it out. The public do not easily beleive that they have been so heavily deceived, yet deceived they remain.

As an example of the immorality of the press, click here and here to read the full story behind the emotive picture on the right, that was used as part of the ongoing anti-serb propaganda campaign, and how these pictures have been used in a wholly unjust manner.

Censorship has been used to supress the freedom of speech of Serbs, is this ethical?