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US troops out of Europe!
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Media and news
In order for the US and other powers to execute their foreign policy plans, it is necessary to prevent the public from serioulsy questioning those plans. If those plans involve illegality and immorality, then the public must be distracted, this is the role of propaganda That we in the Europe are subject to such propaganda may come as a surprise, but its easily demonstrated.

As already mentioned, few of us are aware of the full extent of the Iraq tragedy, were we made aware then we would quickly see that the government are 'intervening' in Kosovo for other reasons, and we may become awkward and state our objections, this will never do, so to ensure that we cooperate with these immoral plans, we are deceived. The media must be endorsing this, why do all the major newspapers and media outlets by and large agree on most major issues? What would the public do if the headlines of tomorrows major papers stated soemthing like '250 die each day. 1.5 million already dead, genocide in Iraq' would the public doubt the sincerity of our elected leaders claims that they are commited to human rights in Kosovo?

That the press and media are not reporting this and other tragedies is a testament to the growing immorality of the press itself, and suggests that the press, nothing other than coroprate businesses, are a willing participant. Never forget that the press and media serve the interests of the businesses that own them, and their objectivity often clashes with profitability.