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avgust 20, 2008



















NATO said it had only lost one F-117 in 79 days of war. Take a look at the above F-16 wreck to understand why the Truth in Media termed NATO spokespeople the "lie and deny" news spinners.


What you see on the above photo is a Yugoslav SA-9 "Gaskin" mobile SAM system (BRDM-2 transporter with 9M31M missiles, Flat Box passive detection and IR, max range 9km (5 miles), max altitude 5.2km (3.5 miles). If you take a close look, under the serial number (22260) you will see two stenciled planes indicating two destroyed NATO aircraft (see the red arrow). The photo also gives an insight into how the Yugoslav army camouflaged its SAMs. The upper section of the vehicle, containing the missiles, can be pulled down and a camouflage net can be easily and quickly deployed over the entire position.


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